Let's Talk budget

While there is no one size fits all budget handbook, we have created a spreadsheet to help give you some estimates based on industry averages. Use the WedAssist wedding budget spreadsheet, then enter your overall budget number and recommendations will generate based on your budget.

Because your budget & style are unique to you, these numbers will not be exact for your event. As with any budget, if you decide to go over the recommended amount for specific aspects of your event – like paying more for your dream photography team – it will put you over budget. Funds can potentially be saved in other areas to keep you within your total budget, such as choosing not to have videography or simplifying flowers.

When Should We Set Our Budget?

As soon as you’ve decided to start planning! The first step of the wedding planning process should be to have a conversation with each person who will be contributing to the budget and to set your total budget number. Once you have this number set, you’ll be able to make the most educated decisions possible when researching & booking venues and vendors for your big day.

How Do We Know What to Spend on Each Vendor?

A great question – with a not so simple answer. Because every couple’s budget & priorities are different, there is no one size fits all recommendation on what to spend for each vendor. We have a budget calculator spreadsheet that will give you a recommended percentage of budget for each vendor based on your total budget. These, of course, are recommendations and not hard rules, but should help you get started.

How Should We Prioritize Our Budget?

Work together to make a list of your top priorities for your event. List them in order of importance and work to allocate your budget accordingly – booking the vendors of highest priority first. Even if your venue/catering is not a top priority, booking this first is helpful as this will likely take up the largest portion of your budget. Knowing your venue/catering costs will help you to determine what budget you have remaining to allocate to other aspects of your event.

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