Creating Your Wedding Timeline

Timelines are essential to the success of any event, especially weddings. It’s vital to have an official event timeline to ensure everyone is in sync and aware of the scheduled timing of all formalities and festivities. The WedAssist custom timeline tool helps you to create your wedding timeline right within the app. The tool will prompt you to select factors that apply to your event, including a list of vendors and formalities. Once you’ve selected and input the information you have, the tool will generate a timeline for your wedding based on your information. From there, you’ll be able to edit the timing of your formalities, catering, photos & vendors as needed. You’re also able to add in new items to your timeline at any time to fully customize your timeline to your unique event. 

When Should My Vendors Arrive on Event Day?

A planner or coordinator is the best person to handle vendor communications and setting/finalizing vendor arrival times. If you do not have a planner or coordinator, reach out to each of your vendors to request when they will be arriving on event day. Be sure to provide them with relevant timing of events, including start and end times, time they need to be set up by, etc.

What Time Should I Put On My Invitation?

We recommend putting the true event start time on the invitation. If you are worried about guests running late and want to ensure this does not happen as best as possible, we recommend having a welcome drink served & pre-ceremony music begin 30 minutes prior to ceremony and putting this time on the invitation. This allows for ample time for delays, while having something available for the guests who arrive early or on time.

I Don’t Have Enough Photography Hours to Cover My Entire Event. What Do I Do?

Work together to make a list of your top priorities for your event. List them in order of importance and work to allocate your budget accordingly – booking the vendors of highest priority first. Even if your venue/catering is not a top priority, booking this first is helpful as this will likely take up the largest portion of your budget. Knowing your venue/catering costs will help you to determine what budget you have remaining to allocate to other aspects of your event.

Creating a wedding timeline can be tricky!


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